You have not experienced Wine until you have experienced Pet Nat.

Pétillant Naturel (PetNat) is a traditional sparkling wine made in the sixteenth-century French style. It is a dynamic wine with varied and complex flavours with each winemaker bringing their own unique touch to this century old method. Below, you can discover why PetNat wines stand out from the crowd, and which wines you should start your journey into the world of Pet Nat with.

What makes PetNat different?

Normally, sparkling wine is made through two stages of fermentation. The first fermentation creates a still wine and the second adds the sparkle to create the beautiful drink we all know. Pet Nat is different as it has a single stage of fermentation. It continues to ferment while in the bottle, creating its characteristic bubbles.

The single fermentation process fundamentally changes how we should treat its ageing process. Pet Nat goes through a rapid evolution. It still ferments in the bottle and therefore has more residual sugar than other wines. When drunk young, a Pet Nat will be sweet and drinkable. Over time these sugars are consumed by the yeast. After just a couple of months of aging your Pet Nat will transform into a drier, more mature wine. This wine is versatile and observing its evolution brings excitement to all wine lovers.

What are the best PetNat wines on the market?

At Pure Wines we offer an array of rare and luxury PetNat wines from the world’s best wineries. We are always bringing in new arrivals and we encourage you to explore our exciting range beyond these recommendations.

Our most popular Pet Nat is currently the Austrian ‘Jung & Sexy’ from the Burgenland region. Making use of Blauberger and Roesler grapes, this dark rosé is an accessible wine that offers an excellent start to your Pet Nat journey. It is a lively, fruity wine with dry notes developing into a delightfully sweet finish. Like all PetNat wines, it is dynamic. If left open for a few days, ‘Jung & Sexy’ becomes a delicious still wine.

Pet Nat’s are very popular with our clients and our stocks run low quickly after acquiring them. This is the case for our Italian ‘Foddreé’ white. ‘Foddreé’ borrows its name from the Sicilian term for a crazy, chaotic individual. The term describes excellently the characteristics of the Catarratto grapes which form this wine and the refusal of its creator, Fabio Ferracane, to follow the rules of modern winemaking. You will have to move fast if you want to experience this cloudy and reckless sensation.

Why you should try Pet Nat.

Pet Nat wines offer a truly unique experience and no two Pet Nat wines are the same. They offer bold flavours alongside charming sweetness and their dynamic nature allows you to experience wine exactly how you like it. Pet Nat truly demonstrates how when we drink wine, we are drinking something that is alive and has character. Once you try Pet Nat, you will never look at wine the same way.

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