Acne Detox Diet for a perfect skin

The Diet Consumption of heavy, oily, spicy, and greasy foods is definitely harmful to our body. All such foods trigger the secretion of oil from oil glands present inside our body. Aerated drinks, excessive dairy products, beverages, sugary foods, and excessive fast foods cause random acne breakouts. All these foods contribute to increasing toxin levels … Read more

Beauty Salon in London

Beauty Salon in London

Beauty salons are a place for us to go and reconnect with how we want to look. A place where we feel welcome, in a kind environment where capable hands are helping you realise your inner beauty and bring it out for the world to see, but all to often they’re places that we go because we feel obligated and the services they provide are expensive and often less than what we expect. is a beauty spa that puts you first. With a wide range of exquisite services and products you know that when you visit them you’re able to get the beauty treatment you wanted with top of the range treatments without the top of the range price tag.


Offering massages and body treatments, Juices and plant based foods, Colon hydrotherapy, Detox diets, programs and treatments for the whole body, My Detox Diet offers a comprehensive and wide range of services and products that are all cantered around you. Located in the heart of one of London’s most beautiful Boroughs, Royal Greenwich, you know that when you walk through My Detox Diets doors, you’re in a welcoming environment that really cares about ensuring high standards and care for you. You know you’ll come out looking how you want. My Detox Diet is a spa that knows the real secret to ensuring a reliable service is friendly staff that help you relax and a second to none service that helps you get exactly the treatment you want and deserve. And for those that are looking for other types of beauty treatments such as diets. Offering weight loss plans, vegan detox diets and gluten free diets, Slimming diets,  juice cleanse, Soups and more delicious and healthy foods. This level of work is found rarely, and My Detox Diet knows that, putting 100% into all they do to provide the best care for their patrons. Helping you achieve your ideal beauty is My Detox Diets main goal and everything they do is to help you feel beautiful and be beautiful.



is probably the best . Located just outside the Cutty Sark DLR station at and available on call at (for online business) and (for Treatments). If email is your thing we have you covered, email us on



Clean Eating: The Detox Diet That Works


Throughout 2016 and into 2017, the term “clean eating” has been thrown around left, right, and centre. However, many are unaware of the true meaning of clean eating and how it works as an effective detox diet. Below, we look at the definition of clean eating and how you can embrace it.



In simple terms, clean eating is a commitment to eating less processed foods and, generally, more whole (or “real”) foods instead. This includes cutting out added sugar, salt, and fat, as well as preservatives. When you choose a clean eating detox diet, you’re choosing foods that are natural and fresh rather than those processed in a lab – consequently, you’ll be benefitting from foods packed with nutrients rather than eating for the sake of eating. You’ll be surprised how quickly you’ll feel a difference in body and mind.

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Spring Detox Diet

Many people on the UK are seeking “detox diets” at this time of year when they feel groggy, tired, congested, fed up, sun deprived, and have reached for one too many glasses of wine or cookies over the holidays. They ask what products they should take, what foods to eat and if a liquid diet is the answer to get rid of the yucky feeling and the holiday “bloat.”

Though nutrition is key to a proper detox, what is equally important is whether you are digesting your life or not. Is life nourishing you or eating you alive? Are you satisfied and fulfilled with the life you have created? If the answer is a repeated negative, then perhaps it’s time for deeper type of detox diet.


Advices to start a good spring detox diet

Fresh spring greens such as watercress, baby spinach, and spring onions. Leafy greens contain several crucial nutrients, like pyridoxine, folic acid, niacin, riboflavin, and thiamin, and raw watercress leaves’ digestive enzymes help the body absorb nutrients during digestion. The vitamin K in spinach may contribute to a healthy nervous system and brain function, and spring onions are plentiful in B-complex vitamins as well as essential minerals like copper, iron, manganese, and calcium.

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Detox Diet with Apples

apple detox diet

Detox your body eating an apple every day has become very popular; this is because apples hold significant levels of pectin, an apple detox diet can also help decrease cholesterol.  This kind of detox diet is simple and it doesn’t interrupt your normal activities. This diet cleans your liver, kidneys and boosts your general health.

Take what they say about an apple a day and multiply it by many apples eaten over two days. Some medical practitioners believe that the apple detox diet revitalizes the body by helping to flush out toxins and giving the digestive system a rest.

The apple detox diet is not perfect but for some extreme dieters, it seems like the best way to go when it comes to helping you reduce body weight.

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A Detox Diet with Beetroot

detox diet with beetroot

Why beetroot is a good for a detox diet?  Beetroot contains a chemical called betaine that stimulates the liver cells and protects the liver and bile ducts. It also is reported to build red corpuscles in the blood. It is high in iron, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, vitamin A and C, and others. Beetroot also has a high tumor-inhibiting effect also it provides the body with anti-oxidants which help destroy toxins in the liver plus helps cleanses the kidneys and spleen which make for a better digestive system. Beetroot does so much it’s considered as one of the best detox diet vegetable possible as it aims to restore organs, blood, skin and immune system.

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