Acne Detox Diet for a perfect skin

The Diet

Consumption of heavy, oily, spicy, and greasy foods is definitely harmful to our bodies. All such foods trigger the secretion of oil from oil glands present inside our bodies. Aerated drinks, excessive dairy products, beverages, sugary foods, and excessive fast foods cause random acne breakouts. All these foods contribute to increasing toxin levels within the body and the production of free radicals that are detrimental to people prone to acne.

Therefore, you need to incorporate foods that will detoxify your body completely from acne-causing agents. The anti-acne diet comprises fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich sources of vitamins and minerals. Implementing these healthy foods will control the breakout of acne to a considerable extent.


The Diet Plan

Being on a detox diet, you are not supposed to consume the foods that cause acne outbreaks. You should consume a lot of fresh fruits in the morning, and raw vegetables throughout the day. You can determine the time span during which you will limit yourself to only the detox foods.


Foods to Eat

Start your day with the master cleanse diet that will include juice of a lemon and warm water. You can add a little amount of honey if needed.

Have a fruit dish for breakfast consisting of grapes, grapefruits, sweet lime, berries, melon, etc.

You can also have fresh fruit juices (unsweetened) from the same variety of fruits. Acai berry, cranberry, and blueberry act as wonderful detoxifying agents.

Make juice out of fresh bitter gourd, beets, carrots, tomatoes, radish, for rendering a complete cleansing action to your body.

Raw vegetables like spinach, carrots, onions, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, yams, red cabbage, etc… are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. You can prepare a salad dish with them, and garnish with lime zest and sour yoghurt.

In the afternoon, have a dish of fruits including apples, watermelons, melons, peaches, plums, prunes, avocado, and apricot. Including all these fruits in your diet helps you to get rid of acne.


Food to Avoid

Avoid sugary foods rich in simple carbohydrates as much as possible. This includes chocolates, ice creams, jelly, and jams.

People prone to seafood allergies should avoid it as much as possible.

Avoid processed, canned, and artificially preserved foods rich in oil and spices.

Cook your food with a minimum amount of vegetable oil. Use olive oil for this purpose.

Wheat, gluten, yeast-based foods, and refined flours might cause severe acne breakouts.

Limit consumption of dairy products like milk, cream, butter, eggs, cheese, etc.

Avoid eating red meat, beef, pork, and other non-veg products that cause acne outbreaks.

If you follow the diet plan exactly in the manner as put forth in this article, the appearance of acne can be controlled to large extent. The anti-acne diet is a natural measure to eradicate acne problems by cleansing your body internally. However, if the problem still persists, you must consider consulting a dermatologist to get the right treatment.


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