Treatment with Vitamin A for Covid loss of smell

A new research will look at whether “vitamin A” may help those who have lost their sense of smell as a result of Covid-19.

The University of East Anglia (UEA) announced that after the 12-week’ Apollo study,’ would use nasal drops containing the vitamin to treat individuals who have suffered smell loss or an altered sense of smell as a consequence of viral infections.

According to the university, German research has demonstrated the vitamin’s potential usefulness, and its team “will investigate how this therapy works to help heal tissues in the nose injured by viruses.”

The researchers believe that the work will “one day might improve the lives of millions of people across the globe who suffer from scent loss by restoring their fifth sense.”

Anosmia, the medical world for a person’s partial or complete loss of smell, is one of the tell-tale symptoms of Covid, with individuals suffering the issue urged to be tested for the virus and self-isolate.

However, anosmia caused by Covid may be long-term, with almost 5% of Covid patients not regaining their sense of smell one year after infection.

Smell impairment (Anosmia) is also linked to dietary deficiencies. Zinc and B12 deficiencies, in particular, have been associated with smell impairments. Foods rich in these two nutrients include:

  • Chickpeas, lentils, beans, and other legumes
  • Shellfish, salmon, tuna, and red meat
  • Seeds and nuts
  • Cheese, milk, and other dairy products
  • Beef, liver, and chicken
  • Clam and sardines
  • Fortified cereals and non-dairy milk


How participate in the UK trial?

Those interested in participating in the research may obtain a referral from their primary care physician to the Smell and Taste Clinic at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The National Institute for Health Research funded research will begin recruiting volunteers in December.

It comes after an international panel of specialists recommended against using steroids to cure smell loss, instead recommending “smell training.”

Professor Carl Philpott of the University of East Anglia’s Norwich Medical School, one of the specialists, said “very little evidence” that steroids may assist with scent loss.

Instead, he claims they have “possible adverse effects like fluid retention, elevated blood pressure, and issues with mood swings and behaviour.”

How can I enhance my sense of smell?

Some people’s situations have progressively improved as a result of a few helpful life hacks.

Adding lemon or chilli to meals may improve their aroma.

Once you’ve become more conscious of the scents you encounter on a regular basis, take it a step further and “train” your nose with entertaining quizzes. For example, you might choose four scents and then pay attention to when you sense them throughout your daily routine. Another strategy is to choose four or five fragrances that you like and really take a thorough whiff of each one. This will activate the olfactory (smell) receptors in your nose.

It may also assist in connecting particular pleasant smells with similarly happy emotions, making it easier to remember various scents. For example, the next time you eat a favourite dish that reminds you of good moments in your life, ask yourself a question about the scents connected with it.

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