At the beginning of a journey toward better health, with a vague notion that “detox” was only for those who were in the process of quitting drugs or alcohol, or that it was a “cleansing” for affluent London residents who get bombarded by Marketers of detoxifying foods, drinks, and supplements claim that they may cleanse your body and provide a variety of advantages, including increased energy, improved digestion, less inflammation, and, of course, weight reduction.

But do we truly have toxic buildup in our bodies? Do we need assistance to get rid of them? Here’s the truth behind four detox myths.

No One Needs To Detox

(I like this most.) Because our bodies are intelligent and have their own complex detoxification processes, many traditional medical specialists roll their eyes and assert that additional detox is unnecessary. Michael and I paid those physicians a lot of money, and we listened to that line of thinking for years while we saw our ailments get worse.

The reason for this is that, if it is taught at all during the course of a doctor’s academic career, environmental poisons education takes up to around 7 hours on average. Hundreds of studies have been done on the toxicity of heavy metal exposure and related health problems, and that is only one class of toxin. This is because there is a tremendous amount of material to cover. Instead of accepting my word for it, do some research on and get your own opinion.

The fact is that communicating with something you don’t understand is impossible.

You cannot teach people about the negative health impacts of routine hazardous exposure if you were never informed about them yourself. How long does it take for new data to become widely used—40 years? The inflammatory diseases brought on by our combined toxic load are evolving swiftly. Although such traditional medical procedures could eventually catch up, I suppose you don’t want to wait.

TRUTH: Overload requires support for our body’s natural detox systems.

Our bodies are currently unable to regulate themselves effectively, our hormones are changed, and our detoxification systems are overworked as a result of years of exposure to environmental pollutants in our air, food, and water.

The CDC analyzed a small sample of the over 54,000 chemicals that are registered in the UK and discovered that 98% of the population has been exposed to them, despite the fact that the majority of them have never completed safety testing. A number of health problems, including thyroid illness, hormonal imbalances, cancer, diabetes, digestive disorders, and more have been related to these few substances. Our bodies lack specialized excretion routes that can process toxins since they did not evolve alongside them.

Unfortunately, I haven’t yet come across anyone who couldn’t improve their health by following a detox plan.

There is no doubt in the data that toxins contribute to a wide variety of medical disorders. Why wouldn’t you want to deal with the root causes of your health issues rather than merely their symptoms?

The second myth is that “CLEAN LIVING” is sufficient to maintain health.

If we exercise once a week and make other healthy lifestyle choices, we shouldn’t need to detox.

Living a healthy lifestyle is excellent, but for many of us, it isn’t sufficient.

I wish it was enough. Because you must eat food tainted with pesticides and herbicides, including organic produce, breathe polluted air, drink water tainted with microplastics, antibiotic waste, and heavy metals that haven’t been filtered out, and live in a house with chemically off-gassing walls and furnishings. Though it is terrible, this is where we now are.

Detox Is Only For People Who Have a History Of Substance Abuse.

While using drugs and alcohol puts additional strain on your liver and kidneys, detoxification is necessary for everyone, not just those with a history of substance misuse.

We have been living in the Chemical Era for a number of generations, and we are all overworked. We inherit our mother’s microbiome and toxic load, so we are born with a multitude of toxins that our systems were not designed to be able to eliminate. This has been increasing since the 1950s when petrochemical development saw a major rise as a result of the post-World War II oil surplus.

Studies have shown that our umbilical cords at birth contain a variety of poisons. Our exposure to the environment comes next.

Everyone might benefit from real detox help. (Kindly wait to start a detox if you are expecting or breastfeeding, and always consult your personal doctor before starting a detox regimen.)

Detox Is a Short-term Solution For All Health Problems.

TRUTH: real detoxes are measured in months, not days, and include an ongoing maintenance plan to support your body afterwards.

Because you lived your way into your current state of health, you will live your way out of it and into a better one. The fact that short-term cleanses used to be a part of every culture on every continent’s seasonal and religious calendars is fantastic for healthy individuals who wish to stay healthy. However, because we live in the Chemical Era, it takes more time to unpack if your symptoms are severe.

Some people quick remedies to eliminate some symptoms, but no weekend detox will safely and successfully reverse decades’ worth of damage. Not a one-time event, detoxification is a lifelong choice.

A Protein Bar Or Tea is a Detox.


Because the health sector is so loosely regulated, many firms are able to make hazy claims about the advantages of their processed goods and toss about phrases like “detox.” While certain herbal teas, like dandelion, chamomile, peppermint, and cistus, can have anti-inflammatory effects and promote your body’s natural detoxification processes, they don’t function as a stand-alone detox plan.

In order to limit your continued exposure to the chemicals, plastics, heavy metals, and infections overwhelming your system, a true detox will also involve targeted, high-quality vitamins, detox treatments, and adjustments to your surroundings. We employ individualized meal regimens that are based on your symptoms and health objectives.

Detox is a Juice Cleanse

Even while juicing may be an excellent detox assistance, if you don’t additionally use binders and drainage help, you can encounter more problems over the short or long term. Cooperate with a professional to safeguard your safety.

Everyone Can Succeed On a Single Detox Diet.

While it is true that food is medicine, we have developed ways of responding to food in this crazy world that are anything but healing.

Depending on your symptoms, you may have a sensitivity to certain foods, histamine issues, or oxalates and lectins. You’ll want a detox diet that is tailored to your requirements whether you’re seeking to treat weight resistance, digestion issues ranging from colitis to constipation, leaky gut, Candida, parasites, SIBO, mould toxicity, arthritis, thyroid dysfunction, or Lyme disease. No two people are alike!

Any Procedure That Renders Toxins Mobile is a Detox.

TRUTH: You need a procedure with thoughtful assistance at several levels to safely eliminate toxins and restore your own healing processes.

A detox plan should include proper nutrition, anti-inflammatory support, drainage assistance, toxin mobilizers, toxin binders, and regenerative support to heal tissue damage. Each of these elements must complement the others in your detox regimen and be selected depending on your symptoms and objectives.

Once your cells are exposed to toxins and start the Cell Danger Response cycle, your body requires particular types of support to complete the repair process and restore health.

Detoxing And Fasting Are Interchangeable Terms.

TRUTH: While fasting has been used as a powerful healing tool in the past and can have many health benefits, people living modern lifestyles are typically too toxic to begin any fast without preparation and support.

We do not suggest fasting, whether continuous or intermittent, without medical supervision. If your liver and kidneys aren’t appropriately nourished, fasting might cause toxins to be mobilized too quickly.

You Must Feel Dreadful During Detoxing.

FACT: While detoxifying, you shouldn’t feel unwell.

Herxheimer’s responses can occur as a result of many detox programs, but a well-designed protocol should be adjustable enough to assist you to avoid the majority of all detox side effects.

The “detox flu” is usually a sign that you lack the binders and drainage assistance required to eliminate freshly mobilized toxins and facilitate their safe excretion. Adjustments are necessary to make sure that your healing program is truly beneficial to your body. (When detoxing from a particular prescription or narcotic, the situation is made more difficult.) You should seek out advice from a different health practitioner if the one who is assisting you with your regimen is unable to do so. waves

You Should Feel Deprived Of Confort And Joy While Detoxing.

It is true that a deep systemic detox will help you feel supported and at ease in your body.

A comprehensive detox regimen can help you get over the reasons you resorted to old coping techniques like sweets and alcohol, even if giving them up would be helpful. I heartily endorse it. It often amazes our customers and pupils that they never have hangry times, sugar cravings, energy drops to make up for, or look for soothers to deal with stress. It’s common knowledge that some toxins may exacerbate anxiety and sadness, so getting rid of them enables you to cease using those coping mechanisms whenever emotional triggers appear.

If I had known all of this back then, I could have saved a lot of misery for myself.

Most of us experience symptoms gradually, making it challenging to recognize or remember what it genuinely feels like to be alert and energized. Or we don’t realize that this toxic buildup has been accumulating below the surface for years until a stressful life event causes our inflammation buckets to overflow.

We struggle through life hoping to become sick enough to need a diagnosis, but when we do, our medical professionals have no idea what part drugs have played in our ailments.

If I had the chance, I would bust the following myth:

We Must Endure The Pain Until We Are Given a Serious Diagnosis Since it is Our Doctor’s Job to Manage Our Health.

TRUTH: Each of us is in charge of our own bodies.

While there may be times when we require the help of medical experts, we are always in charge. They can only aid with navigation.

If you don’t like where you’ve ended up, keep continuing because you can choose a different protocol that will lead you in the right way. It’s never too late to change the way you feel about your body and yourself. You have the right to feel good in your own skin and powerful. Don’t settle for less.

I won’t feel bad if I admit that I delayed going through detox because I thought I was too weak and scared about losing my coping skills. I would have spent less time in pain, feeling unhappy, performing poorly at work, being stressed out in my relationships, and coping by withdrawing from society if I had learned this sooner. I’ve regained the capacity to believe in both my body and myself now that I’m well. Helping our customers and students through this journey has been worth it all.

If you need some motivation to keep reading, start with this article on the benefits of detox to get you started. Continue reading to learn more about detoxification.

If you’re interested in learning more, take our free exam to determine your detox score:

Could the problem you went unnoticed with be a toxic burden?

You may learn a lot about your general health from this quiz, and it also gives recommendations on how to start incorporating detox into your life in a way that is convenient for you. Good fortune!

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