Amazon Open Hair Salon in London

Amazon Hair Salon in London

Amazon announced that it is about to open its first-ever hair salon in London.  Amazon dominance in sales online continues to explore new lines of business and promote some of the items it sells on its platform. The Amazon hair Salon, described in a blog post, will be spread over two floors of a building … Read more

Beauty Salon in London

Beauty Salon in London

Beauty salons are a place for us to go and reconnect with how we want to look. A place where we feel welcome, in a kind environment where capable hands are helping you realise your inner beauty and bring it out for the world to see, but all to often they’re places that we go because we feel obligated and the services they provide are expensive and often less than what we expect. is a beauty spa that puts you first. With a wide range of exquisite services and products you know that when you visit them you’re able to get the beauty treatment you wanted with top of the range treatments without the top of the range price tag.


Offering massages and body treatments, Juices and plant based foods, Colon hydrotherapy, Detox diets, programs and treatments for the whole body, My Detox Diet offers a comprehensive and wide range of services and products that are all cantered around you. Located in the heart of one of London’s most beautiful Boroughs, Royal Greenwich, you know that when you walk through My Detox Diets doors, you’re in a welcoming environment that really cares about ensuring high standards and care for you. You know you’ll come out looking how you want. My Detox Diet is a spa that knows the real secret to ensuring a reliable service is friendly staff that help you relax and a second to none service that helps you get exactly the treatment you want and deserve. And for those that are looking for other types of beauty treatments such as diets. Offering weight loss plans, vegan detox diets and gluten free diets, Slimming diets,  juice cleanse, Soups and more delicious and healthy foods. This level of work is found rarely, and My Detox Diet knows that, putting 100% into all they do to provide the best care for their patrons. Helping you achieve your ideal beauty is My Detox Diets main goal and everything they do is to help you feel beautiful and be beautiful.



is probably the best . Located just outside the Cutty Sark DLR station at and available on call at (for online business) and (for Treatments). If email is your thing we have you covered, email us on