Amazon Open Hair Salon in London

Amazon announced that it is about to open its first-ever hair salon in London.  Amazon dominance in sales online continues to explore new lines of business and promote some of the items it sells on its platform.

The Amazon hair Salon, described in a blog post, will be spread over two floors of a building in Spitalfields, a trendy area in London city known for its quirky shops and restaurants and well renounce Victorian Spitalfields Market where can be found crafts and fashion.

The 1,500 square foot space — less than a five-minute walk from Amazon’s U.K. headquarters, which has enough space for around 5,000 people, will initially only be open to Amazon employees. Members of the public will be able to make bookings in “the coming weeks” by calling, emailing or visiting the salon.

The launch of the salon comes as many people in the U.K. are struggling to book appointments for haircuts as a result of a backlog that has been caused by the country’s coronavirus lockdown. “At the moment Londoners will take any appointment they can get,” said London-based venture capitalist Simon Menashy.

Amazon, which is yet to release a price list, said it will use the Amazon Salon to try a number of new technologies.


Hair Colours in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology will allow customers to see what they look like with different coloured hair, for example.

Elsewhere, new “point-and-learn” technology will allow customers to point at a product in the salon and view information on a display screen. If they wish to order the item then they can scan a QR code that will take them to a product page on

Amazon said it will also give customers one of its Fire tablets to use during their appointment.

“We have designed this salon for customers to come and experience some of the best technology, hair care products and stylists in the industry,” said John Boumphrey, U.K. country manager at Amazon, in a statement. “We want this unique venue to bring us one step closer to customers, and it will be a place where we can collaborate with the industry and test new technologies.”

In order to comply with the U.K.’s ongoing coronavirus regulations, Amazon is planning to use separation screens between styling stations. Customers will also be offered a free face mask and sanitiser, and temperature checks will be carried out.

Renounce Hair Stylist Team.

The hair care and styling services at Amazon Salon will be provided by Elena Lavagni and her team of stylists. Elena is the owner of the highly-regarded Neville Hair & Beauty Salon, which has been based in London for 20 years. Elena and her team have provided hair services for Paris Fashion Week and the Cannes Film Festival, and are renowned for cutting edge hair and beauty treatments. Amazon Salon will offer a full range of hairdressing services for adults and children, including cut and blow-dry, full head highlights, balayage, texturiser treatments, and braids.


“I am delighted to be part of this project – the salon combines classic hairdressing services with technology to deliver a completely unique experience for clients,” said Elena Lavagni, owner of Neville Hair & Beauty. “Our creative team of stylists, whose flair for hair is as intrinsic as their love for technology, will put the client at the heart of everything they do. I feel proud to use our 40 years experience in the industry to help bring this salon to life.”


Designed with style and safety

At Amazon, nothing is more important than the health and safety of our customers, stylists and employees. We have taken various steps to create a safe environment, including providing free face masks and sanitiser, taking temperature checks and reducing the capacity of the salon. Separation screens will divide each styling station, customers will be also required to wear face coverings and equipment will be sanitised after use.

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